Top Three Devices Buyers will Love

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As more buyers are expecting move-in ready homes to have smart home upgrades, here are three smart home classics that buyers always love


The popularity of smart home devices has continually increased year over year. In 2019, 33.2% of households are equipped with smart home devices, and this figure is expected to rise to 53.9% by 2023. The increasing popularity and ubiquity of these connected devices can be used as a marketing differentiator when selling a home. New home builders are incorporating smart home in their offerings and buyers are already starting to expect move-in ready homes to have smart home upgrades. And that’s why I’m back for my third year in a row at CES. Below are three smart home classics that buyers always love. I’ll be looking out for new takes on these old favorites, as well as mind blowing innovations, and sharing what I find all month long.

Using smart home devices as a marketing tool can be tricky. Be sure to install devices from brands consumers will recognize. Privacy and security is a concern for many, so using reliable and recognizable brands will help put those buyers at ease. Here are the top three devices you should consider including when selling your home that will attract buyers.

A smart doorbell camera
Chances are, you’ve seen porch pirate videos online. They make a pretty compelling argument for installing a camera with a clear view of your front porch. They not only alert you when there is motion detected but some devices use facial recognition technology that lets you know when a stranger is at the door. In most cases, an associated app on your smart phone will send you a push notification when someone rings the doorbell, enabling you to speak to your visitor in real time. Most smart doorbell cameras also store recorded video and audio, depending on the settings you choose. The 24-hour surveillance gives homeowners peace of mind.

A smart lock
Gone are the days when you had to hide a key under a fake rock. A smart lock provides convenience, security, and safety. You can give virtual keys to neighbors, visiting family members, or your cleaning company. Since the keys are virtual, they can be set as temporary or simply revoked when no longer needed. An activity log will allow you to see a complete history of who has accessed your home, complete with dates and exact times. Remote access will let you lock and unlock your door from anywhere that you have a smart phone, tablet, or computer, with internet access. Some are equipped with geofencing which will allow you to automatically lock your doors when your phone is outside the configured perimeter. Buyers will love the security and peace of mind that smart locks can provide.

A smart learning thermostat
A smart thermostat is an investment that will actually save you money. From energy conservation to convenience, it’s a must-have smart home device. The best smart thermostats learn your habits and create a schedule based on your actual usage. You will be able to control your heating and cooling system even when you’re away from home. Buyers will love that they will be saving money on utilities.

Each of these devices typically range in price between $200 – $300. There are many other smart home devices that can attract buyers depending on where you live. For example, if you live in an area where water management is important, it may be worth investing in a smart sprinkler system. Since these systems use environmental sensors to collect information about weather conditions real time, this is a great way to adjust automatically and reduce water consumption. A smart sprinkler system also lets you easily schedule waterings, and some will even allow you to create watering zones in your yard.

If you’re a buyer looking at a home with smart devices installed, devices like smart light bulbs and voice assistants are considered personal property and may not convey with the sale. If there’s a question of conveyance, get things in writing up front. It will save you a lot of unnecessary annoyance at closing if everyone is on the same page. It’s important to work with an agent who knows smart home whether you’re buying or selling.


The following post is a guest contribution from Angel Piontek, associate broker and vice president of marketing at Coldwell Banker Elite.